I decided I wanted to make this pod after seeing pictures of Brian "BrainDrain" Morris with his FC couch topper pod.

It got me thinking...Why do we need these large canopies adding all this extra weight?

Brian teamed up with us to redesign the couch topper. We added camera protection a functional fin for turtle mode, and a bit more sex appeal.This pod is printed in TPU material.

The canopy mounts to your exsisting standard 30x30 FC bolt pattern. It replaces the top plate, 4 standoffs, and 8 screws to maximize your weight savings. It can be universally mounted to almost any lower frame plate. It weighs in at just 12-14g! This is the future of light weight racing quads!


We narrowed down the list of compatible components to help minimize the amount of weight. Here are a list of components that will fit in the Fishbone;


Foxeer Micro

Runcam Micro

Vtx (Smart Audio Enabled):

TBS Unify

Immersion RC Tramp


VTX Antenna:

Axii (UFL or MMCX connected to vtx)


Fishbone Pod

Canopy Features
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