This GoPro Session mount was designed for the Armattan Rooster or Chameleon Ti. It reduces the stock angle of 35 degrees to 30 or even 25 degrees (make selection in the drop down menu). This allows you to frame your close proximity or cruising flights better!

Printed in durable TPU and available in a variety of colors.



Unbolt the top carbon plate. Slide it through the loop at the base of the Session mount. Then bolt the carbon plate back onto the frame. Please note that the base loop was designed to be used with the foam camera pad included in the Rooster kit. If you prefer the mount to be used without the foam pad please contact us and we can alter the design to accomodate.


**This Session mount uses the original frame structure and does not void the Armattan Warranty.**

Armattan Rooster/Chameleon Ti Reduced Angle GoPro Session Mount

GoPro Angle
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